WordPress backup services

Maintaining a system of WordPress site backup really is essential, yet a very high percentage of WordPress site owners overlook or ignore this obvious step in developing their websites. Those who have ever experienced the frustration of computer hard-drive failure plus the subsequent expense of disaster recovery, will understand the parallels with ensuring they maintain an up-to-date WordPress backup. Minimise the risks – back-up your WordPress site frequently!

Avoid disaster recovery

WordPress backup services start from £150 per year (sites up to 50 pages) – including installation and complete configuration of backup software and configuration of remote storage. WordPress site restore and disaster recovery services have a ‘call-out’ fee of £150 (three hours included) and £40 per hour thereafter. Our advice would be to avoid the need for disaster recovery in the first place by opting for a robust do-it-yourself WordPress backup plugin. Better still – invest in managed WordPress hosting or a standalone WordPress backup service.