Social Media Marketing

Whilst Google remains king-pin in the world of targeted search engine generated traffic, the role of social media marketing is fast evolving and significantly impacting how the key search engines measure a websites ‘worth’.

Any serious on-line business should see social media marketing as a business critical extension of their website and be aware that their ‘social footprint’ can be an essential measure of credibility for site visitors.

Off-the-shelf social media marketing

Social engagement via the key social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Google+) should be developed on an ongoing basis, as much for direct site user benefit as for it’s increasing impact on search engine results. Whilst a growing number of websites warrant fully bespoke social media marketing strategies, our four off-the-shelf solutions offer progressively higher levels of social media integration. These solutions are also available via our WD Basic, WD Plus, WD Extra & WD Premium website design solutions and also via our managed WordPress hosting.