The click of a mouse

These days, on-line is everything, with Google an inevitable and vital doorway to your business. Via PC, MAC or smartphone, high-speed Internet coverage in the UK is near universal and where clients used to reach for a directory, today they expect to find you ‘in the click of a mouse’ or via a few ‘finger-slides’ on their iPhone. This does not happen by chance and where web design is common, less easy to find are agencies who understand the difference between a website that looks good versus one that delivers a return on investment. We are such an agency!

Making waves on-line

Working mostly with small to medium sized businesses, Net Media Marketing has a reputation for developing engaging, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, search engine optimised websites (that make waves)! Our services include website design and graphic design, along with internet, social media, content management and search engine (SEO) marketing solutions.

We also offer quality website hosting, WordPress services (security, hosting, back-up and design), along with a popular business start-up package and full Internet marketing consultancy.

Design services

Net Media Marketing clients benefit from expert Internet Marketing consultation throughout the web design process. This ensures that websites not only look good but also yield targeted results and an ongoing return on investment. As well as fully bespoke web design and business start-up, we offer four ‘off-the-shelf’ web design packages, with each ‘step-up’ giving increased levels of content, marketing, SEO and social media. Sites can be designed from the ground up or can utilise one of the popular content management solutions such as Joomla or WordPress.

Professional graphic design is vital to most aspects of on-line marketing and web development. Our graphic design solutions include business/website logo design, social media/email signature graphics, business stationery and any other bespoke graphic design needs.

Quality website hosting

For business critical websites, choosing a quality hosting company is vital and whilst price can be a consideration, it is easy to overlook far more important factors that underpin the quality of a website hosting solution. Often missed is that site visitor experience is influenced by the quality of website hosting and that search engine rankings can be positively influenced or damaged by choice of web hosting partner.

We provide high quality, industry leading website hosting solutions that are robust, easy to configure and affordable. As standard, we include one-click install of over 70 popular website software titles, along with smart-phone access, web-mail and a feature packed website hosting control panel. We offer fully bespoke and custom designed website hosting services, along with off-the-shelf standard hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

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